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The shittiest of all shitty days.

Posted on .05.05.2007 at 9: 56 pm
I have had the worst day ever.

I am depressed.

I got pulled over for not completely stopping at a stop sign, found out that my liscense is suspended, and now have to go to court.
My liscense is NOT supposed to be suspended. I did all the paperwork, paid all the fines. This is not supposed to be happening to me.

I got stood up by 2 people today. I try to make and maintain friends, but it seems like I am just destined to be alone with Max. Even Marty stands me up all the time. Why am I such a loser.

Also, Max hit the corner of his eye today in the sink while taking a bath. It started bleeding, and he cried for a total of .01 seconds, I cried for 5 minutes.

I keep wanting to update every day and comment on friends journals, but I am just so depressed every day, I would just probably bring people down. So I want to apologize for not responding to everybody. I'm just in a funk.


There was one positive today. I finally found an exersaucer for Max on Craigslist. It is one of the 'Baby Einstein' ones that sell for $80, I got it for $40. It was used maybe 3 times by the daughter, and she hated it. Wahoo, great deal!


sunshinechic86 at 2007-05-06 05:00 (UTC) (Link)
I'm sorry youre having a bad day....... the liscense thing will blow over, the legal system is stupid sometimes unfortunately........ max oh maxy.... i hope hes okay, but hes a kid and this wont be the only time it happens, its part of the fun of raising kids, getting to nurse them to good health, and as for our miscommunication today, i called you after i got back from dinner with my family around 8 but i guess i missed ya, i didnt have my phone with me while i was with them.... im sorry about that..... i love you, and heres to a better tomorrow
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