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Posted on .01.29.2008 at 9: 39 am
Current Mood: melancholymelancholy
So, I have been looking for a new job for about 2 weeks now. I told a friend at work, and what does she do? She goes and tells the boss... Jesus H. Christ. Now my boss has me coming in at the latest hours, and is giving me no time on the clock. I had 18 hours total last week. That equals less than $150, for the whole week. How the f does she think I can survive on that. Thank god for my mother and tax returns, otherwise I would be homeless and Max would be in an orphanage or something.I don't know what to do anymore, guys. I am stuck, I guess in time this will all pass and I'll have a great new job. I'm just really frustrated and haven't been able to sleep well. I am so stressed out. Marty's no help, I'm having a hard time still accepting that he really won't change... Ever, which I already knew, but it just sucks. I saw this guy in the parking lot on Sat, that looked just like him, but 10years ago, he was so good looking. He caught me staring, lol. I'ts just a shame and a huge waste of potential. Max just learned how to climb out of his crib. Shit.... I'm taking him to the dr's in a little bit, he has developed an adverse reaction to milk , whole, soy, and powder, so he hasn't had any calcium in 2 weeks aside from cheese. I guess I had better start getting ready...

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