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My day

Posted on .04.30.2007 at 11: 56 pm
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I had the most awesome day today.
I woke up at 2, went to the blood bank again ( I went sat but my iron was too low.) to donate blood for sunfest tickets, I couldn't because my iron is too low. There was this girl working there (Krystal) I went to elem-high school with her, we had mutual friends, but diddn't know each other personally. She came up to me and I was like "We went to school together! You're name is Krystal!" (Seriously, I am a dork) She was like "I know, that's why I came in to say hi.". Well, long story short, we exchanged numbers and will be hanging out this weekend! A friend, FINALLY!!!!!

I had read in myspace that my sisters(and kinda my) friend is coming down this weekend, so I called her and we are going to the mall Sunday and then the beach. I have not been to the beach in about 3 years. This will be weird for me, I don't even own a bathing suit, and I now weigh 297 (I just lost 31pounds). I don't know if I can really get myself to go out in public to a beach. Eating disorders do not help tyvm.

But, today, after the blood bank, I went to Old Navy, I returned 2 pairs of flip flops, and bought Max a bathing suit, and someone returned a size 26jeans that ALLLLMOST fit me. So, I bought them. I then went to Target, (They are building a SUPER TARGET in Boynton, I just found out, I am SO EXCITED!!!) and bought Max's diapers. The Cruisers are 4 dollars off and I had 2 $1.50 off coupons so 116 diapers came out to $15, YAY.

Then I drove to Wellington, to my Mom's to wait for Marissa(My bff since we were 12, who is away at college) to call me, because it was her 21st birthday today. I went over to her house, and it felt just like old times....IT WAS GREAT! I LOOOOVE her family. They are always so welcoming and treat me like one of them.

I have so much to do tomorrow. I made a list. I won't bore you guys with it though.

I have finally come up with a plan, it involves a year or two and going back to school. I will go into detail later. I have talked it over with my social worker, and mother. I think it will finally be okay :)

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